GregGreg Gorgas, Southern California native and former La Jolla resident, studied art and architecture and has been painting landscapes since the early 1990s. As a pupil of Ron Lemen, a renowned and classically trained graduate of the Atelier System, Gorgas received professional instruction in representational and fine art at Studio Second Street in Encinitas, CA.

In addition to his mentor, Gorgas cites numerous living artists who helped shape his style: Wade Koniakowsky, Norm Daniels, Jeff Yeomans, and Kevin Macphearson. He also derives inspiration from William Wendt, Edgar Payne, Winslow Homer, George Inness, Frederic Edwin Church, and others, especially from both the California Impressionist and Hudson River Valley schools. He has been on several plein air painting ventures throughout California and was one of three artists selected for the “Art of Winemaking” pilot filmed in Napa.

Gorgas lives in San Diego County with his saltwater reef aquarium, four bee hives (registered with the county of San Diego and in compliance with Encinitas municipal codes)*, three frogs, two pointing dogs, and one gorgeous family.

*Nearly one million bees have been rescued in the history of Gorgas beekeeping rescue efforts and relocated to various offsite county registered hives owned by apiarists who recognize that without the pollination work done by bees, California agriculture would collapse, shortly followed by civilization. Civilization is required for quality life, swimming pool maintenance, irrigation and potable water.


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